Here at Nemesis, We try to maintain a level of civility and ACTUAL roleplay.
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PostSubject: <;.Administration Codex.;>   <;.Administration Codex.;> Icon_minitimeFri Mar 02, 2012 8:12 pm

BlankRP Administration Codex |

Table O' Contents
1. Smallest introduction ever

2. Basics of Administration

3. The Players

4. Ranking

5. Payments

6. Video Version

1. Introduction



2. Basics of Administration

Theres many differences of administrating so im going to just outline some very general basics including some general


Minge - Player who wants to ruin fun for everyone else, breaks rules and trolls.

Admin Abusing- Multiple things actually. Can be high has spawning things or banning people for no reason or
just using his/her position to powergame. ect. ect.

B.O.S - Ban On Sight. Not very much used lingo but I use it >Smile. For example a script kiddie is a B.O.S, ect. B.O.S is always a perma ban.

Flaming - Another word for trolling, AKA a mingery tactic

Asspulling - A mix of admin abusing and power gaming.

BanHammer - A general saying used by almost everyone representating banning. for example, "I am going to shuve my Ban Hammer up your ass" Also called the Hammer.

Observing - Noclipping.



1. When dealing with a Minge.

A.) Don't B.O.S, assess what the minge is doing then determine what level of mingery it is (see chart below)

|Level 3 Mingery: Breaking more than 6 rules, trolling. BOS. |
| |
|Level 2 Mingery: Breaking more than 3 rules with trolling. Limited ban. |
| |
|Level 1 Mingery: Breaking some rules but not being THAT much of a douche, a kick should make it gtfo.|

B.) Be calm and dont feed the trolling. If it refuses to comply, BOS

2. How to Detect a Minge.

- Using emocons in name/chat.

- Ignoring everyone

- Having non serious descriptions/names

- General vibes you get from the person.

- Misuse of "lol"

- Mic Spamming, or just plainly using it for no reason.

3. Commands

!ban <player> <amount of time in minutes, 0 for perma> <reason>
!kick <player> <reason>
!menu (for editing sever settings and or administrators if your an SA)
!noclip (to go into noclip mode, or just press v)
!cloak <player> 0 (to become fully invisible)
!jail <player>
!freeze <player>

4. Observing

- When observing make sure you dont have your Physgun out as players can see the light.

- Follow someone for a while, see their roleplay. then fly around the city looking in every building to see what's going on.

- Make sure your INVISIBLE!

- For the love of god dont pick anyone up, that can be classified as Admin Abuse.

5. When dealing with an arugement

- Dont take sides, listen to everything you can.

- Pick one person to speak first, threaten to ban the other person if he/she interrupts.

- Make use of the !jail and !freeze command to make them stand still.

- Stay calm and try not to seem angry, sends out bad vibes you know.

- Make use of some humor, maybe some slight trolling.

6. Dealing with rule breakage

- Asess what rule it was.

- Refer to the Mingery chart.

- Refer to the Rules and Guides thread.

- Halt the roleplay happening.


3. The Players

Years ago garrymod 10 was almost minge free. after the Minge War of gmod 9 (AKA the War of the Servers) minges seemed to vanish.

DarkRP was the hot gamemode of the time, admins didnt abuse and players actually roleplayed. but not for long, years later the minges moved
back in but instead of killing everyone and starting another war, they decided to change the very foundation if how players think.
players now days think that roleplaying means grabbing your physgun to block off an area, killing cops, running away from admins, rdming anyone they dont like, admins are gods, downloading an rcon hack is good, and that DDoSing a server when you get banned is ok.

With this happening, actual Roleplay is just about impossible if your wanting a server to be public. but if we're going to stay in garrysmod then we have to adapt.

A tolerance for mingery has to happen, aslong as no one is breaking major rules. small hints of failrp or w/e must be tolerated.

Maybe in afew years the minges will leave gmod be and we can all play and rebuild the shattered mindset of players.


Community Owner - God, plain and simple. Will handle whos what and wtf goes on to insure the survival of the Community.

Community Co Owner - Doing what the Community Owner does, except cannot make descions by his/herself. Basiclly there to lighten the load.

Community Manager - Pack Mule for the Community itself. Handels the requests and complaints by making them into nice neat and organized piles for the Owner and Co Owner to deal with.

Server Owner - Lowest Rank in the Community Council. The Server Owner is the one in charge of his/her own slice of the Community, I.E a Medieval Lord owning his fief. He/She is in charge of making sure that his/her server is up, running, admins are active, and finally what Gamemode the server is running.

The Ranking here is simple. yet more complex than the standard.

| Server Owner Branch|


Co Owner (If any)

Executive Admin (If any) - Manager of the Superadmins, Admins, and Operators for the server. however can be overuled by the Owner.

Super Admin - In charge of events and has the ability to give flags and demote/promote

Admin - A more secure rank than Operator or Trial Admin. A tad more responsibility but still nothing.

Trial Admin - period of changing between Operator and Admin

Operator - everyones bitch.

5. Payments

If you are promoted to an admin you have the choice of being paid for administrating, payment will be as following

Base salary: 3 USD

Quota Bonus: 1 - 3 USD

Behavior Bonus: 1 - 3 USD

As admin you are obligated to perform certain duties such as:

--Designated Quota--

1. Report how many minges banned/kicked <Reported to Super Admin or Server Owner>

2. Help atleast three players (Pictures must be taken during)

3. Administrate atleast for two hours a day OR when told to <must report to Super Admin or Server Owner>

4. Attend admin meetings

If you don't fill out your quota your pay may be lowered for the month OR you will be demoted.

Exceding in your quota may increas your pay raise or you may be recommended for Super Admin.

Behavior Bonus is determined by the level of respect you show for your higher authorities. Calling them "Sir" or "ma'm/madame" is always the correct way to show respect. Showing no respect however will cause you do be demoted or pay lowered.

If promoted to Super Admin your payment will be:

Base Salary: 4 USD

Quota Bonus: 3 - 4 USD

Behavior Bonus: 2 - 3 USD

As super admin you are obligated to do:

--Designated Quota--

1. Recieve all reports <save copy aswell> from admins and operators then send them to the Server Owner.

2. Watch behavior of operators and admins then judge their fate fairly based on their actions <can be overulled by Server Owner>

3. Anything else ordered by your betters.

Payment method will be Paypal or Steam Games.
All Administrators are REQUIRED to have a Microphone and a type of Video/Audio recording program.

Video/Audio = To gather proof of rules broken, any complaints given out with no prove will be ignored.

Microphone = To administrate more efficiently

6. Video Version (Since your lazy)
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<;.Administration Codex.;>
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