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PostSubject: DarkRP Store   DarkRP Store Icon_minitimeFri Mar 02, 2012 12:18 am

Pick your rewards! make a nice list of things you want then notify one of the Admins listed at the end of this thread. Then dash along with making your donation!!

5000 Downtown Dollars = 5 USD

10000 Downtown Dollars + Donater Rank = 10 USD

20000 Downtown Dollars + Donater Rank + Pardon of Ban = 15 USD

30000 Downtown Dollars + Donater Rank + Pardon of Two Bans + You actually matter in the Community = 25 USD

Above rewards + Custom Job retricted to SteamID = 35 USD

Above rewards + Custom Model (picked from restricted to SteamID = 45 USD

Above rewards + Music of your choice plays upon joining the server = 50 USD


Automatic Black Market and Police whitelist = 15 USD

Automatic Operatorship for the month = 20 USD

Automatic Adminship for the month = 35 USD

Automatic SuperAdminship for the month = 45 USD

Pardon of Ban = You may excuse yourself or another person from any type of Ban = 20 USD

You actually matter in the Community = Admins will know to look the other way if a rule or two is broken, In fact you may even be allowed to decide who gets Adminship or not. Point being no one, who knows who you are, is going to mess with you.

Donate to

Anything above 50 USD, please do contact:


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DarkRP Store
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