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 <;. Tricks of the Trade .;> (Black Market Dealer Megathread)

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<;. Tricks of the Trade .;> (Black Market Dealer Megathread) Empty
PostSubject: <;. Tricks of the Trade .;> (Black Market Dealer Megathread)   <;. Tricks of the Trade .;> (Black Market Dealer Megathread) Icon_minitimeTue Mar 06, 2012 5:06 pm

Read these rules in order to sucessfully complete Black Marker Dealer Training (you must submit your application after reading this)

1. Black Market Dealers sell because...
- The City's economy is very shitty and the people are willing to Rebel
- Contraband is usually in high demand, and where there is demand there must be supply

2. Black Market Dealer is restricted because...
- Constant abuse of players that havent been properly evaluated
- Black Market Dealers are usually highly involved in gang activity which means that the gangs (usaully made up of FailRPers) have access to heavy and powerful weapons with little or no sacrifice made, causing RDM and Minges.

3. Roleplaying as a Black Market Dealer

A.) Basic Roleplay

- Selling Contraband: When you find yourself in a deal it is crucial that you do not take the situation lightly, meaning to handle the materials with care and secrecy. Do not speak lighly of the materials (meaning dont be like "Oh yea i got gernades and shit..not big deal") as this has a great chance of ruining immersion (see section "The Lingo" for more information). Be sure to smuggle the items where they are needed, dont just walk around town with the damn thing (See section "The Job" for more information). Remember that this is CONTRABAND and it is very rare, dont sell it for nickels and dimes ok? PENNIES ON THE FUCKING DOLLAR for a shipment of highly explosive material -_-.

- Gangs: When a gang approaches you with an order be sure to show respect (dont just slam the door on their faces, that usaully means there going to grab a shotgun and blow the door down aswell as your face). When a gang leader is approaching you with an order be sure to NOT hold him hostage (never know where a sniper or a guard could be hiding, aiming and ready to spring at a moments notice)

B.) The Lingo

1.) Acting "Shady"

-Have an accent (optional)

-Speak in a darker kinda voice (if your using a Mic)

-have a shady kinda routine (like first you walk down to a dark alley and stay there for abit, then walk back to your house)

-pick a location far away from the population (and police) aswell as advertise in a shady kinda way (like "The Market" is now open for "Business")

-act more nervously towards Police Officers

-be involved with wanted persons

2.) Tricks of the Trade
(Proper selling procedures)

-When dealing be sure to conceal your characters living place and name. for example:

(Roleplay scenario. Customer has noticed that you are a BMD, he approaches you and beings the deal)

Customer: Hey uhh...Do you sell anything..."Rare"?

Dealer: You might say that, I am known for selling "rare" commodities!

Customer: Well in that case, do you perhapes sell "rare" types of weapons?

(Dealer notices that Customer is wearing a wire, he begins to back out of the deal)

Dealer: What? no of course not! I sell pottery from asia! my god man are you suggesting i sell illegal weapons!?

(Customer sees that he has been noticed abd gets the fuck out)

(IC chat may differ from this example...alot)

-When dealing be sure to properly roleplay your character. for example:

(Roleplay scenario. Customer has seen your advertisment and approaches you and begins the deal)

Customer: Hey man you perhapes sell items that may be
considered "Contraband"?

Dealer: Well i might. depends. Are you cop?

Customer: Not at all.

Dealer: Then *looks around* what can i interest you in?

Customer: What do ya got? heavy weapons wise?

Dealer: Let me check my book

Dealer: /me Reaches into shirt pocket, pulling out a small black book

Dealer: Ah yes! I have a variety of weapons currently in stock

(deal continues like this, intill police bust in or w/e)

This is the proper way to do this, of course the IC chat will vary (hopefully not by alot) be sure to however keep calm and continue this style of RP. Since Black Market Dealers are very very useful, by keeping our BMD's in order and properly RPing we can successfully keep a good status of RP up Very Happy

- When dealing with a government authority (mayor, police chief, ect.) be sure to show some respect (use this as an example for gang authorites aswell)

Offical: Excuse me sir, I need you to come with me...Now

Dealer: And what for my good man?

Offical: Dont play dumb with me Dealer! I know what your doing and why..and the Mayor (or cheif or w/e) wishes to speak with you!

Dealer: (Thinks about this. Could this be a trap?)

Dealer: Fine, fine i'll go.

Offical: /me Puts away firearm

Offical: Didnt think you had much of a choice. Follow me.

(Dealer arrives in the Authorites office)

Auth: Ah Dealer! Ive been expecting you for quite some time, I hope my Offical didnt give you any Trouble!

Dealer: Not at all sir. Uhh..what can i do for you?

Auth: I hear that you supply the local black market with illegal contraband...Of course we would have arrested you but since we are in need of your services..i was hoping we could strike a deal.

Dealer: (seeing that he is sorrounded by guards he has no choice whatsoever)

Dealer: I'll be happy! what is it you need?

Dealer: /me Pulls out black book

(Then the deal continues. intill some minge decides to RDM you and everyone or something like that xD)


C.) The Job

A.) Smuggling
(How to smuggle your shit properly)

- Be sure to conceal the shipment or material in something like a cart, of course with a latch (must be a fading door with working keypad)

- Be sure to have guards at all times! we wouldnt want a eager police cadet stumbling upon a huge shipment now would we? same for a wanna be gangster getting a SAW.

- Be sure to use a more abandonded route, kinda like the sewers. If not then refer to using a system of safehouses or w/e to get it through the city.

- Be sure to not give out any clues as to what is inside. thats just plain dumb.

B.) Dealing with FailRPers

-Call admin if its too much to RP out
-say smart ass remarks and comments
-dont rage at all
-make him look dumb (not sure if he needs it though)
-continue to talk IC and tell him that he needs to stop FailRPing in OOC (Responding with comments like "I dont understand what you just said there man" or "Your not making any sense")
-if he starts to rob you just RDM him (wont be counted as a fail FearRP since hes robbing you during a deal)

C.) Money wise

-Dont charge a shitton of money for something that only costs 4000 dollars
-when your dealing be sure to charge nothing lower than 6000 dollars (no handouts)
-when your supplying a gang you cant charge them nothing below 2000 dollars
-if dealing to a government offical you can charge him double. if its the mayor you dont have the right to shoot him as that is RDM
-if a person kinda rages in IC you have the right to say your bind "/me Pulls out Concealed firearm" and tell him to "Get the FUCK out!"
-when supplying a rebellion you are able to give hanouts to rebels ONLY. if you are caught be sure to try and make it out with your life and ass still intact.

D.) Binds

-Binding your keyes is very very VERY usefull in being a Black Market Dealer. To bind a command type this into your console (press ~ button above your 'Tab' key) bind <key> "say <sentence>"

- Binds that are really important to have:

0. "Thats illegal..."

1. "I dont think i have it in stock, come back later alright?"

2. "Can I help you?"

3. "Pleasure doing business with you!"


5. "I guess you can say i deal in those types of things...Depends however, Are you a Cop?"

6. "Allow me to check my documents"

7. "/me Reaches into pocket, pulling out a small black book"

8. "/me Pulls out Concealed firearm" (Pistol, Mac10, or USP ONLY cause honestly you cant pull a fucking SAW from your shirt -_-)

9. "Good day Officer! Me and my Customer here were just talking about buying a trading items i sell, Nothing illegal i can assure you!"

Binds do not have to be in this specific order, whatever is most comfortable.
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<;. Tricks of the Trade .;> (Black Market Dealer Megathread)
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