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 <;. Police Megathread .;>

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PostSubject: <;. Police Megathread .;>   <;. Police Megathread .;> Icon_minitimeTue Mar 06, 2012 5:01 pm

Read these rules in order to sucessfully graduate the Police Academy (you must submit your application after reading this)

1. Police are here to protect and serve....the mayor and the government
-Depending of course on the status of the government and economy
-If there is ever a circumstance when rebellion is inevitable, you are there to serve whoever it is you desire

2. Police are restricted for two reasons
-Constant abuse of players that havent been properly evaluated
-The Tazer has been added and would be abused if not restricted

3. Roleplaying as a Police Officer
A.) Basic Roleplay

- Finding contraband: If you find any illegal materials or devices you can do two very simple and basic things, confiscate and destroy along with arresting (Basiclly the right way to do so) or confiscating and keeping it a secret (maybe with an arrest aswell)
These are signs of being corrupted or pure.

- Armed Suspects: When there is armed suspects usually shoot to kill is enabled, however in some circumstances officers are instructed to taze the suspects and bring them in. If the mayor or the ruling law maker of the city has declared such a law it is up to your character to decide if its nessesary to follow said rule. In most situations its just a shootout, but remember that FearRP is still enacted and usually calling for backup or the SWAT Team to help is quite effective

- Crowd Control: Usually such situations are handled by the SWAT Team, however if the team is pre-occupied or non exsistant Police Officers are allowed to taze and arrest suspects (Based on orders of course) and or fire warning shots (firing into the crowd in said situation can rarely be classified as RDM, however if its constant and not Roleplayed out whatsoever it is RDM, If it is not considered RDM you might be in quite a pickle from the mayor xD depending of course on the government)

- Gang Activity: If you have spotted gang activity it is usaully wise to report it and call for backup. If the gang fires at you on sight it is wise to RUN LIKE HELL and radio in some backup. If you see a memeber of a gang doing absolutly nothing it is considered Random Arrest to arrest him, If he is doing something deemed illegal by the law making body of the government then by all means follow Arresting Procedures.

- Police talk: In order to insure optimal roleplay it is highly required that you follow the proper roleplay procedures and protocols for situations (see Procedures and Protocols in the next section)

- Handling minges or other failrp situations: If theres a minge on the server RDMing or whatever and no administrator is online you have the right to prop block, prop trap, prop push, RDM, and make his life a living hell. Of course you could always just use the vote kick command Razz

- Dealing with higher authority: Almost always someone would be above you, Try to show proper respect. Saying things like "Yes Sir!" or "Yes Sir?" or "Mr. <person>" will almost guarentee recognition.
B.) Procedures and Protocols

How to talk: <Code number> <any other information about the situation>, <area>
-10-0: Use Caution.

-10-2: Accident.

-10-3: Stop Transmitting / STFU.

-10-4: Okay.

-10-7: Proceeding to Off-Duty status.

-10-8: In service.

-10-9: Repeat last message.

-10-10: Negative.

-10-14: Holding Position.

-10-15: Prisoner in custody.

-10-16: Pick up prisoner.

-10-18: Urgent.

-10-20: Your location?

-10-27: Check for warrants.

-10-34: Riot.

-10-50: Commencing patrol.

-10-62: Reply to message.

-10-65: Ready for Orders.

-10-99: Injured.

-10-103: Disturbance.

-10-107: Suspicious person.

-10-108: Officer down.

-11-6: Illegal discharge of firearms.

-11-99: Officer needs assistance/backup.
-Code 21: Complaint.

-Code 27: Attempted Crime.

-Code 29: Death.

-Code 30: Homicide.

-Code 34S: Shooting.

-Code 52E: Explosives.

-Code 6-3: Criminal Trespass.

-Code 94: Illegal use of a weapon.

-Code 95: Illegal carrying of a weapon.

-Code 148: Resisting Arrest.

-Code 187: Homicide.

-Code 404: Blocked/Barricaded Off Area.

-Code 603: Unlawful entry.

-Code 647E: Anti-Citizen.

Be sure to set your radio using the /channel command /channel <number> the mayor or police chief is required to designate the channel number.


- Arresting: Tell the suspect to face the wall or get on the ground, procede to search the suspect and confiscate any guns or contraband, radio in for backup or just report the incident. Prodeced to haul the bastard to jail.

- Searching: When searching a home be sure to make the owners stay where you can easily see them. look for any contraband. Do not execute just for the lulz as that is considered RDM. FearRP is in effect.

- Radio-ing in: When you radio in something be sure to use atleast a capital letter at the begining of the damned sentence. Do not use un nesessary vulgur or profanity.
C.) Binds

-Binding your keyes is very very VERY usefull in being an officer. To bind a command type this into your console (press ~ button above your 'Tab' key) bind <key> "say <sentence>"

- Binds you that are important to have:

0. /radio Code 5 Spotted! Requesting assistance! at <say the area in another /radio>
1. /radio Reporting a Code 7, at this location <say the area in another /radio>
2. Yes sir!
3. Stand back! Now!
4. Face the wall!
5. /radio Reporting a Code 8, any nearby units please respond
6. /radio Officer <your name> reporting in for duty
7. /me Pulls out firearm
8. /me Pulls out Baton

Binds do not have to be in this specific order, whatever is most comfortable.

Dont worry about getting some codes wrong the first time, it happens. Be sure to practice typing cause you'll need it.
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<;. Police Megathread .;>
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